Terri Greenhalg Appointed Mental Health Ambassador

It is well documented how valuable running can be to aid in the management of mental health needs ranging from anxiety to severe and enduring mental health problems. As a result of this England Athletics supported by MIND set up an ambitious programme to set on a network of volunteers in every running club in England called Mental Health Champions to ensure that people experiencing mental health needs can access the benefits of running in a supported way. The aim of the programme called #Runtogether is to challenge stigma, proactively support the mental wellbeing of club members, increase awareness of mental health problems in society by starting conversations about mental health, make links with mental health organisations, and signpost anyone struggling to appropriate help.

At Ludlow Runners avid runner and Mental Health Nurse Terri Greenhalgh has taken on this role and due to her 25 years experience of working with Mental Health has also taken on the role of Mental Health Ambassador for English Athletics which in addition to the above role offers a point of contact for Champions to gain advice and guidance and gives the added  bonus of ensuring that we have a Mental Health First Aider regularly at our Thursday training runs. Ambassadors also contribute to the continued development of Mental Health Champions and offer teaching and advise at training programmes. Terri has been doing some ground breaking work in her professional life by increasing the level of activity for people with severe and enduring mental illness and is keen to forge these two roles together to continually improve the lives of people offering alternative outlets for stress and most importantly weight management as it is common that many mental health medications cause horrific weight gain for people requiring their use on a long term basis.

Published: 14th May 2019

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