Our Training


At Ludlow Runners we cater for people of all abilities, from the absolute beginner to experienced racers.

Tuesdays 7pm. Social Runs

In the summer, we meet at High Vinnalls car park in Mortimer Forest for trail running. Off-road running shoes are a must. We have several ability groups that go out over different routes. Meet at 6:45 for a 7:00pm start.

During the winter we meet in various locations. Some groups run with headtorches in the forest while others run in the town. We send out details of the runs available each week.

Wednesday 7pm Performance Group Session

This session is led by our club coach Colin Lancaster and is specially designed for performance athletes with experience of racing. Training is planned with target races in mind. We meet at Galdeford Car Park by the library building.

Thursday 7pm.  Coached Sessions

This is our main coached running evening and we have a variety of sessions on offer, from Chatty Sparkly runs, hill sessions, fartlek or speed work. Groups are organised according to the ability and experience of runners.  Come along and speak to Colin or Anne when you arrive. They will help you decide which group is for you. We meet at Galdeford Car Park by the library building.

Fundamental Groups.

This is a great place to start if you are new to running or have just started again after a break. The aim is to teach you the right speed to run at and when to rest and walk, so that you will be able to complete a 30 minute nonstop run comfortably, feeling good when you have finished.

Foundation Groups.

This is a group of friendly runners who can run comfortably for at least 30-40minutes. Runners in this group may want to start to enter some events such as Race for Life, Mudruns or your local 10km. Your aim might be to complete the event course comfortably and finish with a smile.

Event Groups.

This is the group for those who are experienced and who enter several races a year. Many will enter the club championship and run in the local summer and winter cross countries or be competing in marathons and half marathons. Those in this group will train at a faster pace but still some technique coaching will be done.

As a club we invest in coach education. Our lead coach Colin Lancaster is an experienced British Athletics coach educator. All our leaders are qualified with British Athletics. Our success is based upon using the Lydiard Foundation principles which involve slowly building a foundation of fitness through gentle chatty running before progressing to running at other speeds.

Please note run leaders and coaches will change from time to time. 

It’s not how fast you train but the volume of gentle running you do that leads to the greatest improvement in fitness.   

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