Mortimer Forest Trail Run

December 15th is the date for 2019’s Mortimer Forest Trail Run.  Describing the route in a few sentences is not a simple task, it is not what you’d call an easy route and it is challenging in places, but it really is one of the most exhilarating races you’ll do this year.  It is about nine miles in length, almost totally through Mortimer Forest, for long stretches it runs over and alongside the Elan Valley Pipeline through which Birmingham’s water supply flows.  Underfoot is forest tracks and paths and if it has been wet it can be a bit muddy in a few places.  But, come early Sunday afternoon on the 16th, when you have finished your race, you will feel like a million dollars and be scanning the calendar to make sure your Sundays next December are free so once again you can tackle the big dippers and poison bank!

It's only £14:00 to enter, and we do accept entries on the day (for £15.00), but you can guarantee your place at entry central. The race starts at 11:00am, from Moor Park School.


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