Walk to Run Group Success Stories

From Walk to Run to 10K: Just a few of our Success Stories.

It must seem daunting to join a running club when you may not have run before. However, so very many of our members have done just that. Our walk to run groups have helped its participants to go from true beginner to running 10K races in only 12 months. This could be you, why not? Here are just a few of our graduates from our 2017 intake.

Jess Morris

I joined Ludlow Runners Walk to Run in April 2017. The first session was very hard for me and I did wonder what I had signed up for, but the weeks went by and I was already starting to feel fitter and find running easier. I had never really enjoyed sport but the walk to run was the best thing I could have joined as Anne was so supportive and this has allowed for my confidence to grow and for me to believe that I can actually run! Running is now part of my lifestyle and has also helped to change my outlook on life, being that anything is possible! Running to the corner of the field the first week was tough and I realised how unfit I was but this gave me more determination to change this. Then there was the mention of the 5k challenge at the course, which brought dread, but off we trekked. I was amazed that I could actually run 5k! Since then I’ve gone to onto complete 10k races which I would have never dreamed of doing! I completed my first 10k in July 2018, Ludlow 10k. I did it and once I knew that I could do it, I went onto enter Tenbury in August.  I accomplished this 10k on a very hot Sunday morning! Before each race I told myself some important words- ‘this is my race!’ as for me it’s the completing not the time. I once read that ‘runners may run the same road but no one runs the same journey.’ This is true. I just want to say at the end of a race I did it! I now feel brave enough to go out running myself in the week as well as attending Ludlow Runners on a Thursday evening. I always enjoy these runs as they are always different and each week I enjoy catching up with the good friends I have made on my journey with Ludlow Runners. There is no better feeling than after a run. Running isn’t easy always easy for me as I have medical issues but I’ve persevered and will continue to do so. People at Ludlow Runners are just so supportive and have helped me to find joy from running. I have also discovered that sometimes the best runs come on days that you didn’t feel like running. I have great pleasure to say that running really has changed my life. My advice for beginners is to start slow and build up gradually, you soon will be also amazed on how you will progress with running too.

Natasha Martin

I started the walk to run group on 27th April 2017 with my friend. I have never been one who enjoys any type of exercise or sport but thought would give it a try. After the first session I couldn’t imagine being able to run the 5km at the end.  However, even though I found it hard work in the beginning, I really enjoyed going and everybody was so friendly and encouraging. After completing the Walk to Run course, I then joined Sue’s group and really enjoyed continuing running each week. Just over a year later I have now completed three 10km races this Summer  -Ludlow, Shrewsbury and Tenbury! It is a great feeling when you finally get your first medal from doing a race. I never would have thought a year later I would choose to enter 10km races. I have just recently gone in to Wendy’s group and hopefully in the future would like to do a half marathon. A huge thank you to Anne, as I have now found that I actually really enjoy running and always look forward to going to running group!

Sharon Bowers 

I started the walk to run April last year. I did my first 10k on 20th May 2018 in Manchester, part of the Simply Health Series. Unfortunately, it was very hot and racing at 3:00 was very hard. The first 5k was ok and after that it went downhill. By 8k I was ready to give up but with almost £300 in sponsor money for children in need I pushed myself to finish. I loved the atmosphere as the streets were packed. I ran it in 1hour 15 minutes. Next, I did the Ludlow 10k and I enjoyed this a lot more. This time I ran (well walked the hills and the lactic ladder) with two others from Wendy’s group and we got around together. Keeping each other going we were pleased to complete it in just under 1hour and 4 minutes. This was followed a week later by the Shrewsbury 10k which has been my favourite so far. It was a lovely atmosphere. This was my first 10k without stopping in 1hour 2 minutes.

I then did the Tenbury 10k but again this was too hot for me.




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