Post 22 mile longest run

Paul Dews: Winner of this year’s London Marathon place is raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust

A text message stating…“You got the London Marathon place mate” from Jamie Green was how I learnt the news, quite fitting really as it was Jamie that persuaded me to join the running club back in December 2014.  Being in my mid 30’s, I decided that time was right to attempt to get myself fit, I couldn’t go on forever with little to no exercise so I decided to give it a go.  Truth be told I probably didn’t think I would stick to it, as since school my physical exertions had been limited to brief gym memberships and even briefer circuit training sessions. After a few months though, I, like a lot of people was hooked.

I made the decision shortly after receiving that text message(after experiencing the obvious excitement yet trepidation) that I would make the most of the festive season, indulging in plenty of food and alcohol before starting a 16 week plan on the 2nd January. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed making the most of those 2 weeks, I knew I needed to spend some time on finding a plan that would work for me so that I was prepared and raring to go come the New Year.  I finally settled on one that was a combination of several different versions, honed after sifting through the vast quantities out there online. The important thing for me was being able to commit to it, 4 days I was confident I could stick to so I based my plan around this.

ironbridge half 2017

Paul flying at the Ironbridge half marathon.

So, 13 weeks in and happy to say training has gone well, I’ve stuck to my made up bespoke plan fairly religiously and other than a knee scare, have managed to stay virtually injury free. A lull in week 10 where I was starting to feel a bit fed up with it all was soon put to bed on the day of the Ironbridge half marathon. I spoke to fellow club runner and last year’s London Marathon place winner Amy Fulford before the start of the race, unsure on how I should approach it, do I treat is as just a training session? Or, do I say sod that and just go for it? Amy’s advice was the latter which I’m very glad I took, finishing 8 minutes quicker than last year. This gave me an obvious confidence boost, all the extra training had been worth it and my slightly wavering enthusiasm was renewed.

Heading towards taper time now, I’m glad to see the back of the really long runs. Although I’ve never done a Marathon before I now have an idea of how painful those last few miles are going to be. Fingers crossed all goes ok.

If you can spare any money, I would be grateful if you would sponsor me via the link below for the very worthwhile cause of Teenage Cancer Trust:


I’m aiming for £500, would be great if you could help me hit that target.

Good luck to all the other Ludlow Runners taking part this year, hopefully see you there!



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