Walk To Run Group

Anne leads the way

Anne leads the way

This is a friendly group that has been started for the growing number of people who want to start to run but haven’t done so since their school days. (For some this is some time ago!) In our small group you will progress slowly and be coached to run at a comfortable conversational pace. This pace will be one that is best for you and you won’t be expected to keep up with anyone else. Your first few sessions may be mostly walking but soon you will become fitter and more confident and able to run distances you once thought impossible.

The group meet, at Ludlow Leisure Centre, from 6.45 ready to start at 7pm on Thursdays.

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Cooling Down

The sessions consist of a gentle warm up and two or three different walk to run activities, with plenty of chat in-between! We finish with a cool down and some stretching exercises’.

All you need is a good pair of running trainers, some comfortable clothes suitable for exercising in and lots of enthusiasm.

The Walk to Run group is led by Anne Thorpe who is a qualified Leader in Running Fitness.

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