Experienced Runners

This is the place to go if you like entering races or are training for your first or 10th marathon. Some in this group even like to run longer than this! If you are an experienced runner who likes racing and wants to get faster these structured sessions will help.

After a thorough warm up, some faster running is done to improve your running efficiency. The sessions are then structured so that you run at the pace which will improve your fitness the most. A variety of intervals will be done which will give you good pace judgement. You will learn the best training speeds to use and will be able to train with others the same ability as you so that all can improve.

Technique may involve running style, cadence, pace judgment, tactics.ClubChamp3

It is important to be coached so that you run the right distances at the right speed each session. The sessions may be tough but they are enjoyable with a good social atmosphere.

Many in the Experienced group will be training 4 or more times a week and have a structured programme which they follow.

Ludlow Runners have a club championship which consists of chosen races each year over a variety of terrains. There are category winners in each group. We also enter teams in summer and winter cross country leagues. Some like to better their times, others like to race and beat those around them.

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