June 2014 468Finding the right group for you?

At Ludlow Runners we help people of all abilities, from the absolute beginner, who is starting to run for the first time, to experienced racers.

There are 3 groups.

“Walk to Run” This is a great place to start if you are new to running or have just started again after a break. The aim is to teach you the right speed to run at and when to rest and walk, so that you will be able to complete a 30 minute nonstop run comfortably, feeling good when you have finished.

“The improvers” This is a group of friendly runners who can run comfortably for at least 30-40minutes. Runners in this group may want to start to enter some events such as Race for Life, Mudruns or your local 10km. Your aim might be to complete the event course comfortably and finish with a smile.

“Experienced Runners” This is the group for those who are experienced and who enter several races a year. Many will enter the club championship and run in the local summer and winter cross countries or be competing in marathons and half marathons. Those in this group will train at a faster pace but still some technique coaching will be done.

Our coached Thursday evening sessions start at 7pm from Ludlow Leisure Centre, although most arrive around 6-45. We normally use the Ludlow School Fields.   We are finished by 8-15, a little earlier if it is the week of the club social.   In winter we use several courses around the roads in Ludlow.

For those that do not wish to have a structured training session there are our Social Runs. These take place on a Tuesday and a Thursday.

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