Club Weekender

We have spoken several times at club meetings about the possibility of Ludlow Runners attending a summer run as a club event for a weekend away. We have looked for an event which is within reasonable reach and is different / interesting in some way for any friends and family who may be supporting too.

The most likely candidate is: Man v Horse at Llanwrtyd Wells on June 14th.

ManVHorse.phpThe full route is a marathon, but is also open to relay teams of 3, so it should be within the scope of most club members as a similar distance to a cross-country race. Croft Ambrey Runners were also considering going as a club event, so it could be really good fun and quite a social weekend as well as a physical one!

We would like to get a rough idea of numbers as to who might be interested. Individual entries can be made quite late on, but apparently relay team numbers are more limited, so the sooner we book the better. Don’t know yet about accommodation – we’re waiting to hear back from Croft what they are doing – as to whether we all go camping somewhere (in the glorious welsh summer sunshine…) or we make independent arrangements. The club will fund team entry fees (I hope I am right in remembering this from the minutes of the recent meeting! better tell me if this wasn’t right..)

Several club members got back to us with their interest after an earlier e-mail about this event, thanks for that. Please could you have a think in time for the club AGM on March 20th so that we can decide if we go ahead.

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